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Stronger Steel - Higher Quality - Minimum Distortion

Maraging (Vascomax®) is an iron-based steel alloyed with 18% nickel and 7 to 12% cobalt as a strengthening agent. Essentially carbon-free, other alloying elements include moly, aluminum and titanium. This combination creates a superior steel that:

  • Meets AMS 6512
  • Meets AMS 6514
  • Meets MIL-S-46850
  • Maintains high strength and toughness
  • Allows close machining with minimal distortion
  • Has uniform, predictable shrinkage during heat treatment
  • Can be nitrided easily
  • Resists corrosion and crack propagation
  • Has a high level of cleanliness and excellent polishability
  • Remains readily weldable

Maraging (Vascomax) in Aerospace

Maraging (Vascomax) is stronger than most standard steel yet still malleable. It can be flow formed over mandrels as a thinner rocket or missile skin at any length. Thinner means more room for payloads and fuel.


Maraging for the Military

Our armed forces rely on weapons that perform reliably over long periods in harsh environments. Maraging (Vascomax) retains its strength and has minimum distortion and deterioration, even after heat and pressure. It is a key material in the manufacture of all types of firing pins and breech blocks.

Maraging in Transportation

Maraging's superior strength and ductility make it the preferred material for critical parts such as landing gear in all types of civilian and military aircraft. Temperature changes and sudden or constant applications of pressure, impact or torque, have little effect on parts made from Maraging. It is the ideal material for high performance internal engine components such as shafts, gears and fasteners.

Maraging in Manufacturing

Maraging's ability to expand without cracking make it the material of choice for drill chucks. Its uniform machinability and durability make it ideal for producing gears in sophisticated robotic arms in assembly lines, and its high strength and wear resistance make it perfect for grippers in automation lines. Other Maraging (Vascomax) benefits for the manufacturing arena include excellent polishability and weldability with pre- or post heating.

Maraging in Tool & Die Making

Maraging (Vascomax) has a significant cost advantage over other alloys. Uniform predictable shrinkage during heat treatment means Maraging does not require excessive reworking. It is easily machined. Its hardness and strength allow it to withstand the repeated pressures of compression molding for longer tool life with a very good surface finish.


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Maraging (Vascomax) specification abstracts
Maraging 250 (AMS 6512/MIL-S-46850) Specifications
Maraging 300 (AMS 6514/MIL-S-46850) Specifications
Maraging 350 (MIL-S-46850) Specifications

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